A woman from a garment factory in Cambodia who CARE has worked with

Keeping women safe

One in three women who work in garment factories experience violence and sexual harassment at work. Violent and demeaning workplaces are forcing women to choose between being safe and having the money they need to survive.

“Sometimes, of course I think about not going to work anymore but then I think about my family and I know I cannot quit” a Cambodian garment worker.

At CARE International we're working to support women who have experienced sexual violence or are at risk of it. So far we’ve reached 10,000 women in Cambodia alone by working with factories to prevent and respond to cases of sexual abuse and violence. We provide toolkits and workshops so that women workers feel confident to speak up for their rights. We work with factories to make sure they have effective policies, and know how to use them.

As one young female garment worker says, “I want to continue working in this factory, my line leader talks to me with respect and there is no sexual harassment here".

We're also campaigning to get more women the legal protection they need. With your help we can do even more.

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Five pounds

£5 could pay for a female garment worker to attend a training course to help her identify and report sexual harassment


£10 could help empower garment workers to get access to health care and maternity leave


£20 could provide a woman with advanced leadership training, giving her the tools she needs to protect herself and her co-workers