Zeinah at the Hungarian border


When our team met Zeinah at the Hungarian border, she was hungry, exhausted and incredibly vulnerable.

At just two years old, she and her family have had to abandon everything they know for a life on the move. They don’t know if it will ever be safe to return home.

Thousands of Syrian refugees like Zeinah urgently need food, water, warm clothes and shelter.

Please donate today to help us reach them.

What your donation could buy

6.50 Pounds

£6.50 could buy a blanket to keep a child refugee warm at night.

15 Pounds

£15 could provide nappies, soap and skin cream to help a new baby stay safe and well.

22.50 Pounds

£22.50 could pay for a food package to feed a refugee family of four for a week.

How your donation could help

Tent as temporary housing

Temporary housing for refugees

Comb and toothbrush as symbold for hygene

Washing facilities and hygiene items

A tap with water flowing

Clean, safe drinking water

Plate and a spoon

Warm, nutritious meals


Special care for babies in camps

Heart as symbol for medical care

Essential medical care and facilities


Thank you to all our donors

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