How your gift could help

CARE offers vital support to women, men and children seeking safety in Europe and the Middle East. So far, we’ve reached more than 2.3 million people. We distribute food, clothing and blankets. We help with soap, towels and household items. And we teach children how to stay clean and healthy. With your help we can do even more.

Hayat is a Syrian refugee who works as a community volunteer with CARE in Turkey.

She says, “We were like small islands before, but now we are like a chain. Now we help each other. We are in this together."

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What your donation could buy


£6 could buy a blanket to keep a child refugee warm at night.


£15 could provide nappies, soap and skin cream to help a new baby stay safe and well.


£22 could pay for a food package to feed a refugee family of four for a week.

How your donation could help

Tent as temporary housing

Temporary housing for refugees

Comb and toothbrush as symbold for hygene

Washing facilities and hygiene items

A tap with water flowing

Clean, safe drinking water

Plate and a spoon

Warm, nutritious meals


Special care for babies in camps

Heart as symbol for medical care

Essential medical care and facilities