Nearly 1 in 3 women workers experience violence and harassment in many of the overseas factories making clothes to be sold on UK high streets.

UK fashion companies have a responsibility to act.

By not doing enough to tackle sexual harassment in the factories they work with, UK clothing brands big and small are complicit in this behaviour.

CARE International wants to see the creation of new international standards which would cut out workplace violence – and there is currently a rare opportunity to make this happen.

The ILO (International Labour Organisation) is a part of the UN where employers, governments and trade unions come together to agree common standards for working conditions, known as ‘Conventions’.

The ILO is considering creating a new Convention to end workplace violence and harassment.

It's in the process of gauging interest from its members. If UK companies show their support publicly, a new ILO Convention is more likely to be created. This could make a huge difference to ending violence against women at work.

So we’re asking the head of the UK Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT) – a trade body representing high street fashion brands and retailers – to make a public statement in support of a new Convention. This could make a huge difference in turning desperately needed new standards a reality.

As a customer of clothing brands in the UK, your voice is really powerful.

Will you sign our letter to the head of the UKFT?


You can read more about our research into women in the garment industry here.

Photo: CARE International