Do you want to cut out workplace violence against the women who make your clothes?

You may have heard that working conditions in garment factories in Asia are often unpleasant and unsafe, and the work can be poorly paid.

But did you know that almost 1 in 3 women who work in factories making the clothes sold on UK high streets experience violence and sexual harassment?

“Sometimes, of course I think about not going to work anymore but then I think about my family and I know I cannot quit” says a female garment worker in Cambodia.

UK clothing and fashion companies could act to change this. These companies frequently demand that overseas factories keep costs low and meet tough deadlines.

This increases pressure on the factory floor and can cause unbearable and unsafe working conditions for the women who make your clothes. Sexual harassment and violence against women are often completely ignored while women reporting it risk losing their jobs.

CARE is urging UK companies to back new international standards and we’re supporting women in these factories to safely stand up for their rights. But we need your support to make this happen. Will you join the campaign?

Sign the pledge now: let’s stand with women to cut out workplace violence.


You can read more about our research into women in the garment industry here.

Photo credit: CARE International